MAC Electrical – Security

How we help

Security and surveillance are two of our specialties at MAC Electrical.  We live and work local to Brisbane’s North side and we want it to be safe for everyone.  One of the ways we help is to provide you with the best electrical set up for your CCTV, security cameras or floodlights.

The Facts

Surveillance is one of the most overlooked areas when considering safety for yourself and your family. In the northern suburbs of Brisbane in 2014-2015 there were –

Unlawful Entry


Offence Against Property

However, studies show that security cameras are effective at deterring intruders.  In fact, cameras deter 83 per cent of burglaries.  They also reduce the number of break in attempts.


Deterred Burglars

Reduction of Break In Attempts

The Benefits

Aside from the increased safety at your home, there are several other ways an electronic camera system pays for itself:

  1. Peace of mind.

You can sleep easier knowing who steps foot on your property

  1. Lower insurance premiums

Reduce your insurance bills by installing cameras and lights

  1. A safer neighbourhood

Making the decision to have electronic security installed is not just for your family, it benefits everyone around you. A street with cameras increases the security of the suburb as a whole.  Motion detectors also alert you to any unwanted visitors.  MAC Electrical can take care of your home with professional security systems.

We believe that everyone deserves to feel safe in their own home. We offer electronic packages to suit almost any budget. Whether you’re looking for motion detectors linked to floodlights or camera setups we have the packages to help, contact us to arrange a free quote.