Telecommunications, Data & IT

IT is important to everyone.  Most of us are always connected in this day and age.  With fast developments in telecommunications, data and IT services, we all want to be online.  MAC Electrical is the best choice for those essential connections.  Our valued customers on the North side of Brisbane can have it all!  We deliver fast, reputable service for phone and data points, and server setup.  We also provide maintenance and problem solving for your home business.  You’ll be back online in no time with MAC Electrical!

Why IT is important

While nearly all small businesses in Australia use the internet (97%), as few as 36% do not have a website or online presence of their own. Your online presence is incredibly important to your business’s success.  It is an often overlooked avenue in marketing and advertising, but can be incredibly effective.  IT connection is directly linked to economic growth.  More specifically, telecommunications has been found to have five distinct influences on business:

1. Tele-Commuting: An improvement in quality of life due to the ability to work remotely

2. Productivity: Greater efficiency in completing tasks

3. Transaction Speed: Reducing time in communication and transactions

4. Innovation Capacity: The ability to innovate due to ease of information and ideas

5. Production: The standardisation for work through flexible reconfiguration


Business That Utilise The Internet


Business With a Website

Your business needs a good telecommunications base. Technology will advance and we will always need electricity. You need MAC Electrical’s experts to harness electricity safely and reliably. We help you from the power lines to the appliance. Choose MAC Electrical today.  If you would like to learn more please Contact Us!